Why is it called The Actor's Station?

The Actor’s Station focuses on one thing: the opportunity. Every audition is an opportunity for an actor. It is not necessarily the best actor who books the job, it’s the best auditionee. Just like a train station offers a commuter choices of destination; an audition brings with it choices and possibilities.

In actor terms what this means is: every actor auditioning for a specific role gets the same pieces of paper in their hand. And just like masses of people boarding the same train arriving at the same destination, actors will make choices and interpretations with the material which usually create the same result. At The Actor’s Station, the actor discovers and develops a process which will allow them to board their own train leading to their own unique destination.

After many years of exploration and discovery, The Actor’s Station has become a platform for professional actors to keep working in a way that leaves them open to discover the unlimited possibilities, leading them to make the most inspired choice.

We must overcome the notion that we must be regular… it robs you of the chance to be extraordinary and leads you to the mediocre.

Uta Hagen

Who I Am

I am not an Acting Coach. I am an Actor who Coaches.

My first major audition was for a Sci-Fi feature film, Pitch Black alongside Vin Diesel. I had not formally studied acting. And I booked it. But after finishing three years of full time professional actor training I found it difficult to book jobs. I didn’t understand how as an untrained actor I had booked work; but as a trained actor I was struggling. And in 2007, after a series of events, it became quite apparent to me that it isn’t the best actor who books the job…it’s the best auditionee.

I spent years investigating the Audition process- both in Australia and in the U.S. Like a mad scientist trying to figure it all out. And after this investigation, I started booking work again. I didn’t become a better actor, I became a better auditionee.

And then one day an agent sent an actor to me to coach for a television series audition. We worked together for an hour and that actor booked the job. Another agent heard about this and sent me one of their actors to coach…and that actor booked the job. That’s how it started.

It’s my passionate pursuit to work with actors in finding unwavering inspiration in the audition process. It’s about rediscovering a sense of joy, bravery, some danger and a way to tell the truth in artificial situations (like the audition room). The actor can finally show up…Alive. Present. Playful.

Do not try to know who thou art, long has this idea tormented thee. It is better to know what you can do, and do it like Hercules.

Stella Adler on Thomas Carlyle

Les Chantery Biography

Les is a NIDA Acting graduate. Prior to NIDA he starred in the U.S Sci-Fi feature film Pitch Black alongside Vin Diesel. At NIDA he performed in As You Like It, Saved, Accrington Pals and Stags and Hens. His television credits include Heartbreak High, All Saints and East West 101 Series 2. In 2007, Les was awarded the Mike Walsh Fellowship where he studied Film Making in Los Angeles and New York. He appeared in the feature film Righteous Kill with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Les directed Who You Kidden which was selected for Tropfest Best of the Rest in 2006 in addition to writing and directing Stand which was a finalist in Brian Brown’s Reeldeal Festival. Les was the lead in the 2009 award winning feature film Cedar Boys. He also appeared in the feature film Sleeping Beauty, which opened the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. In 2012 he played famed Razor Gang mobster Guido Caletti in the award winning short film 50/50. His other recent credits include the critically acclaimed TV series Redfern Now and the highly controversial Channel 9 movie Schapelle, in 2014.

Les has taught Acting since graduating NIDA in 2003. He works with the NIDA Full Time 3rd year students in Screen Acting Performance, as well as Screen Testing and Auditioning. He has worked for the NIDA Open Program for over ten years. He is currently a Core Tutor with the Screen Actors Studio. Les has also taught at ACA, AFTRS, McDonald College and The Hub Studio.

Les is a highly sought after acting coach, with clients recently booking work in many projects including Euphoria, La Brea, Nine Perfect Strangers, Home and Away, Neighbours, Wentworth, Outlander, Blockers, Thor 2, Lion, The Kissing Booth among many, many more.

Les is passionate about empowering the actor to take charge of their own process and careers. Living with Dangerous Inspiration.

Invent nothing, Deny Nothing