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I always tell actors when they go in for an audition: Don’t be afraid to do what your instincts tell you. You may not get the part, but people will take notice.

Robert De Niro


Learn the skills that go into creating a powerful and memorable Screen Audition

This four week intensive is designed to equip the professional actor with the most advanced and effective screen testing/auditioning skills and techniques. The course will cover all aspects of the audition process, from script analysis and preparation to being in front of the casting director in the room. Cutting edge techniques will be explored which will allow the actor to captivate and stand out in auditions! The art of Self-Taping is also covered- allowing actors to create the most dynamic and powerful screen tests on their own. All work will be filmed and reviewed. Actors will receive scripts in advance to prepare. At the completion of this course, the actor will feel empowered, confident, ready to “nail the audition”.

Area’s covered include:

– Script breakdown technique: A step-by-step approach to work quickly and efficiently
– Screen technique and points of focus in the audition room: eye-line, vocal level, line issues, physical movement in auditions
– How to handle yourself with the casting director
– Overcoming fear and gaining confidence in auditions: the psychology of performance
– What you need to know when auditioning for U.S. projects: pilot season, accents, page referencing etc
– Trouble-shooting in Auditions: forgetting lines, taking direction, asking the right questions



**Four day intensive**

DATE: Thursday 17th, Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January 2019

TIME: 10am – 5pm

$1,200.00 (includes GST)

Location: Sydney, Australia

To apply please email CV to info@theactorsstation.com.au or click below.

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This extremely popular series is designed for those actors who have already completed the Film and Television Masterclass. This series is one night per week. Four classes in total. Rotating every month. It is a weekly opportunity to work on the process- ensuring that the actor remains in a “ready” state to nail every opportunity. Each week the actor will receive material to prepare. The class begins with a screen acting activity and then the session proceeds like an actual audition. All work is filmed and reviewed with feedback.

Note: Due to popularity this class is limited to a maximum of 12 actors.

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Many actors find working 1:1 with a coach gives them a competitive edge. Les works with many actors privately for many reasons. Often times an exciting audition opportunity inspires an actor to want to explore and expand the material by including another point of view. Some actors seek to keep challenging their own individual process and growth by working more intensely in a space that is solely focused on their specific journey and development.

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Self-taping is one of the most frequently used ways of auditioning actors. Les coaches and films countless actors when they are requested to self tape for a particular project. Many of these are U.S films and television shows. All auditions are taped and uploaded allowing the actor to focus only on the work itself.

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WHY is the most important word in an actor’s vocabulary

Sanford Meisner